Travel and Touring Adventures With Professional Geologists Since 2007.

Destination with Special Interest - Itinerary-Related Lectures

Northern Europe: Norway & Scotland


  • Chill Out: Glacial Features along the Norwegian Coast
  • Ride the Tides in Norway’s Fjords 
  • Viking & Pre-Viking Artifacts Revealed by Melting Glaciers
  • Wall of Water and Norway’s Mega-Tsunami
  • Norway, Iceland and U-Boats of World War II 
  • Ripping Apart: Norway and the splitting of the Atlantic
  • Norway’s Fiery Volcanoes
  • Geology and the Beers of Norway and Scotland
  • Extraordinary Lives of Norwegian Polar Explorers
  • Glaciers of Geirangerfjord, Narration from the Bridge

Baltic & British Isles


  • Under the Tsars: St. Peterburg & Peter the Great 
  • Chill Out: Glacial Features of the North and the Baltic Sea
  • Catastrophic Formation of the English Channel
  • Viking Invasions: Britain and Beyond
  • Baltic Shipwrecks and U-Boats of World War II
  • Dutch Masters (of the sea) and Sea Level Rise 
  • Ripping Apart: the splitting of the Atlantic
  • White Cliffs of Dover and Møns Klint: History meets Geology
  • Geology and the Beers of the Baltic and British Isles



  • Rift Zone: The Ripping Apart 
  • of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Battle of the Atlantic: U-Boats and WWII
  • Piping Hot: Deep Water Vents and Atlantic Volcanoes
  • Great Atlantic Mariners: Erikson, Columbus & Cabot  
  • Geology and Beer: Brews from Both Sides of the Atlantic
  • From Wine to Whisky: The Link between Soil and Water 
  • Atlantic Hurricanes: The Cause and History of Storms with Consequences
  • Famous Shipwrecks in the Atlantic: Ballard and his Tools
  • Collapsing Islands: From Canary Islands to the Azores
  • Dinosaurs and the End of a Former World 

Mediterranean: Eastern & Western


  • Santorini and the Explosion Heard Around the World
  • Alexandria to Gibraltar: Death Valley of the Mediterranean 
  • Greek Island Paradise: Life with Earthquakes & Tsunamis
  • Venice: Treasures, History and Geology of a Sinking City
  • Naples, Pompeii and the Geology of Mt. Vesuvius and Campi Flegrei
  • Dubrovnik and the Landscapes of Karst: Geology of the Dalmatian Coast 
  • Athens and Rome: Matching Culture, History and Geology to the Classical Buildings
  • Istanbul: Culture, History and Geology: From Byzantium to the Sultans
  • Knossos Abandoned: How Geology Explains the Ruins
  • Stromboli, Mt. Etna, and the Straits of Messina: Narration from the Bridge 

New Zealand to Australia


  • Australia’s Great Barrier Reef: Amazing Underwater Gardens
  • U-Boats! WWII Naval Battles in New Zealand and Australia
  • New Zealand's Volcanoes & Missing Terraces
  •  Cheers: Geology and New Zealand & Australia's Beers
  • Lot of Shakin’ Goin’ On: New Zealand’s Massive Shakers
  • Chill Out: Icy Glaciers in New Zealand
  • Look Out! New Zealand Tsunamis: Everything You Need to Know
  • All that Glitters: New Zealand & Australian Gold Rushes 
  • Glaciers of Milford Sound: Narration from the Bridge  

Hawai'i and South Pacific


  • Fires Down Below the Big Island
  • Tropical Coral Reefs of Hawai`i
  • WWII in Hawaii and South Pacific 
  • American Protestant Missionaries of Hawai’i and the South Pacific
  • Native Son and World Explorer from Hawai’i  
  • Wall of Water: Tsunamis and Landslides in Hawai`i
  • Chill Out: Past Glaciers on Hawai`i
  • Great Polynesian Migration & Geologic Resources in Hawai’i and South Pacific
  • Cheers: Geology and Hawaiian Beers
  • Geology of Napali Coast: Narration from the Bridge 
  • California Gold Rush (for California-Hawai’i Cruises)

Destination with Special Interest - Itinerary-Related Lectures (continued)

Caribbean: Eastern & Western


  • Underwater Gardens: Tropical Coral Reefs of the Caribbean
  • Fire Down Below the Eastern Caribbean
  • Look Out! Caribbean Tsunamis & the Wall of Water
  • Cave and Karst: Florida and the Caribbean
  • Yucatan and the End of a Former World 
  • Caribbean and the Dark Side of Paradise
  • WWII and the Battle for the Caribbean
  • Lost at Sea in the Bermuda Triangle: Truth or Hype
  • Cheers: Geology and Caribbean Beers 

Iceland, Greenland & the Maritimes


  • Fires Beneath Our Feet: Iceland’s Volcanic Past & Future
  • Geology of Iceland’s Golden Circle: Rifting, Geysers, & Falls
  • Geology and Resources of Greenland: Ice, Gold & Ivory
  • Vikings in Greenland, Iceland & Vinland
  • Bay of Fundy and the Rifting of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Look Out!  Wall of Water and Greenland’s Mega-Tsunamis
  • Sinking of the H.M.S. Hood: Iceland in WWII
  • Cheers: Geology and Beers of Iceland & Nova Scotia 
  • Geology of Princ Christian Sund, Greenland: Narration from the Bridge 

Panama Canal to Western Mexico


  • Mix It Up! Geology and Engineering in the Panama Canal
  • Fires Below: Volcanoes of Panama, Central America and Mexico 
  • Rifting in Baja: Splitting of Mexico
  • Aztec Gold in the Sierra Madre
  • Geology and Beer: From Mexico to Panama
  • Bridging the Continents: Forming the Isthmus of Panama
  • Twisted History of the Great Canal: From Balboa, Teddy Roosevelt to Today
  • Wall of Water: Tsunamis in Western Mexico and Central America
  • Locks and Geology of the Canal: Narration from the Bridge 

South America


  •   Machu Picchu & Explorer Hiram Bingham III, Up Close and Personal
  • Great Civil Engineering of Incan Cities 
  • All That Glitters – Incan Gold in Peru and Chile
  • Polynesians in South America
  • Fires Below: Volcanoes in the Andes
  • Run for the Gold: A History of the Brazilian Gold Rush
  • Great Chilean Earthquake and Tsunami of 1964
  • Granites and Diamonds – Brazil’s Amazing Geology
  • Tierra de Fuego and the Great Maritime Explorers
  • Amazon: Greatest Water Highway in the World
  • Landforms of the Straits of Magellan: Narration from the Bridge 

Alaska & British Columbia


  • Fires Beneath Our Feet: Alaska’s Volcanic Past & Future
  • Rockin’ & Rollin’ to Alaska’s Massive Shakers
  • Chill Out: Icy Glaciers in the Gulf of Alaska
  • Wall of Water and Alaska’s Mega-Tsunami of 1958
  • All That Glitters:  Alaskan & Klondike Gold Rushes!
  • Battle of the Aleutian Islands: Alaska in WWII
  • Cheers: Geology and Alaskan & British Columbian Beers 
  • Glaciers of Tracy Arm: Narration from the Bridge 

East Asia & Far East


  • Indonesia: Culture, History, and Geologic Resources
  • Look Out! Massive Tsunamis in East Asia and Japan
  • Rockin’ and Rollin’ Earthquakes of East Asia and Far East
  • Heat Beneath the Feet: Volcanoes in the Philippines and Indonesia
  • Relaxin’ in the Hot Springs: Japan and the Volcanic Systems
  • Karst and Limestone Caves: Viet Nam and Southern China
  • Silk Road: Past and Present
  • Great Water Highways of Southeast Asia
  • Himalayas: Culture, History and Geology of Rooftop of the World