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Video of Lecture Excerpts: The White Cliffs of Dover, England

The geologic setting during the deposition of the White Cliffs of Dover during the Late Cretaceous.

Video Lecture Excerpts: Geology of Beer from the Baltic

Minerals in groundwater strongly influence beer flavor and style in the historic brewing centers of Europe.  Local beers are discussed (not in this portion of the talk).


To Our Guests - Thank You

I am truly grateful that the lectures on culture, history and science are well received by the guests.  Every cruise dozens of passengers will come up to me after the lectures, in the halls or in the restaurants on board to say how much the lectures have added to the enjoyment of their vacation.  In the last of ten lectures on a San Francisco-Hawaii-San Francisco cruise in April 2019, a guest stood up in the questions and answers segment and said "your lectures have made my cruise."  I am humbled and thankful that I get the opportunity to lecture on fascinating topics to curious and interested cruise passengers.  Thank you for that amazing opportunity - you make my cruise!